First recorded sighting of Griffon Vulture in Kefalonia after many years by the Management / Supervisory staff of Ainos

An important ornithological observation was made by the personal supervisor and staff of the Ainos National Park Management Body.

Specifically, during a planned visit of the Agency to the protected area of ​​”Kalon Oros” near the village of Patrikata of Erissos it was observed that a Gypsfulvus was photographed by the Management Body personnel. 
The rare and endangered species once dominated the Kefalonian sky, its last observation being made by AlanVittery in 1990. The species was then observed today in the greater area of ​​Assos. The species generally declines in population throughout Greece, and so in Kefalonia, its once thriving population has now disappeared.

The Ainos National Park Management Authority responsible for the conservation, habitat protection and management of the Kefalonia & Ithaca Protected Areas monitors and records field bird species with field visits in all protected areas of Kefalonia.

This promising and important observation of birds on the island of Kefalonia confirms the high quality of Kefalonia’s habitats and demonstrates the significant scientific effort of the Management Agency’s staff to capture, protect and monitor important rare and endangered species. of Kefalonia.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of

Aynos National Park Management Body

Dr. George Drakatos

Director of Research

National Observatory of Athens


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