Five (5) people arrested for drunk driving in Kefalonia, Corfu and Lefkada to date in November


Corfu, November 4, 2019


Five (5) people arrested for drunk driving in Kefalonia, Corfu and Lefkada

During the last period, from (01.11.2019 to 04.11.2019) in respective cases, police officers of the Argostoli, Lefkada, Corfu Traffic Departments and the Corfu Security Directorate, five (31) years old, were arrested for drunk driving.

They were identified during precautionary police raids on the islands’ road network to deal with dangerous driving behaviors.

Specifically, the arrests concerned:

  • in Kefalonia the detection of a 40-year-old foreign national on Friday (01.11.2019) by police officers of the Argostoli Road Traffic Police Department, where an electronic device (alcohol meter) was found to be under the influence of intoxication,
  • respectively in Corfu, on two separate occasions on Sunday (03.11.2019), a 63-year-old resident of Corfu Traffic Police was identified and a 56-year-old resident of the Department of Homeland Security, driving under the influence of intoxication,
  • In addition, in Lefkada, on Sunday (03.11.2019) in the afternoon, officers from the Traffic Department, a 31-year-old national were identified and on Monday (04.11.2019) the first morning hours of a 37-year-old national to drive under the influence of intoxication.

The five (5) arrested were taken to the relevant Public Prosecutor.

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