Five people arrested for various offences in the Ionian Islands yesterday including one in Sami Kefalonia


Corfu, 08 November 2019


Five (5) people were arrested for various offenses in the Ionian Islands

Police searches have been carried out recently in various areas of the Ionian Islands to prevent crime, resulting in the arrest of five (5) persons from 33 to 42 years for various offenses.

Specifically, the arrests concerned the detection of:

  • in Corfu, yesterday (07-11-2019), by police officers of the Directorate of Security, two persons, a 39-year-old alien for possession of a small amount of cannabis and a 35-year-old national because he was awaiting the verdict of the Honorable Judge of the Hon. apathy
  • in Lefkada , yesterday (07.11.2019), by police officers of the Security Department, a 33-year-old alien, pending a conviction, by the Thessaloniki Criminal Court for forging a document
  • in Zakynthos , on Thursday (07-11-2019), by the officers of the Department of Traffic, a 42-year-old resident who was found to be driving under the influence of intoxication, using an electronic device (alcohol meter),
  • and finally in Cephalonia on Thursday (07-11-2019), by police officers of the Sami Police Department, a 34-year-old foreigner, because he was illegally residing in Chora, lacking legal residence permits.

Those arrested were taken to the relevant Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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