Flight sales increase to Kefalonia in 2019

Despite an overall reduction in seats sold for tourist visiting Greece in 2019 compared with same period in 2018, seats sold to Kefalonia have increased by 5% or 20,000 seats.

With this sort of increase its good to see the rapid progress of the new airport terminal  But it has to be said the islands road infrastructure needs to be updated soon as this increase will lead to chaotic times on the road in peak Summer months even if the new airport road is built.

Its also good to see improvements in water and waste management progressing in Argostoli and Skala, but compared to other Ionian islands a big step needs to happen regarding waste management to keep the island clean and do so in a modern environmentally friendly way.

A decrease of 7%, or 1.3 million seats, is the scheduling of seats, until 31 January 2019, on incoming flights at the Regional airports of Greece, ie all except Athens airport, for the summer season 2019, at compared to the scheduling of seats for the corresponding summer season of 2018, according to the INSET report on prospects for incoming tourism in Greece in 2019.

However, following the exceptionally high + 21% increase in seat positions for last season, following increases in previous years, this year’s decline may be seen as a “correction”, since the increase in arrivals in 2018 was + 11%, which is about 10% lower than the increase in scheduling. 

Note that scheduling is constantly changing as the season progresses, and arrivals fall short of the number of seats, depending on the fullness of the planes. Therefore the final change in air arrivals will differ from that of the schedule.

According to INSET, an important role for the reduced demand for airline seats in the summer season of 2019 is played by:

– the slowdown of the economy in the Eurozone: Eurozone economies are projected to grow in 2019 at lower growth rates than in 2018 but also compared with previous projections,

– failure to complete the EU agreement with the UK on BREXIT terms and the uncertainty created by the prospect of a no-deal BREXIT,

– the dynamic return of Turkey as a tourist destination (with very competitive prices),

– the bankruptcy of Germany, which had planned ~ 381 thousand seats. It is possible to absorb (lost) some of the lost seats from other airlines that will be reflected in the next planning,

– finally, the hot summer of last summer in Europe that influenced travel behavior in these countries either leading to ‘staycations’ or postponing the decision to go abroad.

The largest declines in absolute terms are reported by Thessaloniki airports (-380 thousand seats or -16%), Chania (-236 thousand seats or -15%), Corfu (-166 thousand seats or -8%) , Rhodes (-148 thousand seats or -4%) and Zakynthos (-118 thousand seats or -11%).

Finally, Mykonos airport (+68 thousand seats or + 10%), Araxos (+50 thousand seats or + 41%), Cephalonia (+20 thousand seats or + 5%) and Kalamata (+13 mm positions or + 6%). Also 1 new connection is registered for Paros.

The largest declines in absolute terms are recorded in the markets of Germany (-624 thousand positions or -16%), the United Kingdom (-259 thousand seats or -6%), Russia (-165 thousand positions or -14 %), Sweden (-155 thousand seats or -21%) and Switzerland (-147 thousand seats or -27%).

France’s markets (+146 thousand seats or + 15%), Poland (+52 thousand seats or +4%), Turkey (+48 thousand seats or + 51%), Italy (+ 37 thousand seats or + 3%), Romania (+32 thousand seats or + 23%) and Bulgaria (+10 thousand seats or + 179%).


One thought on “Flight sales increase to Kefalonia in 2019

  • February 15, 2019 at 5:19 pm

    Great news for Kefalonia, however my local airport (Newcastle) has lost one of it’s two weekly fights. As a result, flight only prices on the remaining TUI flight have increased by around 30%😞


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