Flights from Britain and Turkey to stop at midnight

From midnight all passenger flights from Britain and Turkey to Greece are stopped. As stated in the Joint Ministerial Decision, the government is taking this measure for preventive reasons to protect public health from further spread of coronavirus .

This is essentially an extension of the measure applicable to Italy and Spain, and it is recalled that with Turkey the land borders are closed.

The JMD states that the measure relates to the ‘temporary restriction on the entire landing of aircraft originating in the United Kingdom for preventive reasons for the protection of public health from further dispersal of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the Greek Territory for the period from 23.3.2020. and 06:00 to 15.4.2020 and 15:00, according to a recommendation from the National Committee for Public Health Protection against COVID-19 coronavirus from 22.3.2020 “.

It is recalled that the prohibition does not cover:
a) Greek citizens, holders of residence permits, as well as persons having their principal residence or habitual residence in Greece.
(b) The transit of lorries for the carriage of goods.
(c) The carriage of goods by ship.

The Civil Aviation Authority is expected to issue NOTAM now, which provides for a ban on flights from England and Turkey.
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