FLIK Christmas Singing – a chance to have some fun and make a special day for others on Kefalonia this Christmas

Message from FLIK below, from our point of view there surely cannot be a more important cause to support on the island this Christmas than the people they are going to entertain.

Let’s all get behind this great cause and swell the numbers to support, practice and sing at these events to the best of our talents.



It`s that time of year when we begin our rehearsals for the Annual Christmas Singing.

Each year, FLIK (Friends Living in Kefalonia), visit the two Special Needs Schools and the three Homes for the Elderly on the island. We aim to brighten their lives for a while and at the same time have some fun.

We are not a choir, we prefer to call it Singing for Fun. Everyone is welcome to join in, whether a FLIK member or not, come along to our first rehearsal on TUESDAY, 26TH NOVEMBER at 12.00 until 14.00 at STATERI in TRAVLIATA. If you are not able to attend this rehearsal there will be other opportunities, dates to be published asap.

If you have sung before, please remember to bring all your previous song sheets, we will be singing some old favourites plus some new songs. Please bring your own refreshment as required and wear warm clothing!

See you there!

Shirley Ogden
Gill Green
Pam Harris
Mick Kinsey

Images from previous years


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