FLIK support the children’s education centre in Argostoli.

Today FLIK were able to complete and deliver chairs to the children’s education centre in Argostoli.
They had been approached and asked if FLIK were able to contribute to the start of the centre being developed to help with extra education and after school activities and the officers agreed this was exactly why FLIK had been formed.
TUI Kefalonia had contacted FLIK when they were changing offices and with the sale of some of their office furniture they were able to donate 95€ to the FLIK funds.
This money along with a little extra from FLIK has bought 4 IKEA children’s chairs and 2 adult IKEA chairs for the new centre.
We hope that soon we will be able to hold a meeting and keep you updated with how FLIK will be moving forward.
Source – FB post of Κέντρο Κοινότητας Δήμου Αργοστολίου με Παράρτημα ΡΟΜΑ & FLIK

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