Flying high over the Atros Monastery near Poros (video)

The Monastery of Atros is located near Poros. It is the oldest monastery in Kefalonia, as it is estimated that it was created in the 8th century, during the early Byzantine era. It is built on a hill just above the sea, at an altitude of 760 meters.

After going up there you will admire the medieval tower and the Archontariki that are saved.
The Monastery of Atros functioned as a men’s convent and for many centuries influenced the spiritual life of Poros and the wider region.

It is dedicated to the Birthday of the Virgin Mary and is celebrated on September 8.

Today, there are no more monks living in its cells, so every year during the celebration, faithful from the wider area come up here and prepare it for the solemn service.
the Medieval buildings of the Monastery of Atros, transport visitors to the climate and images of an island Byzantine monastery. The whole system of the Monastery, with the cells, the auxiliary spaces and the katholikon is kept in quite good condition until today.
The official name of the Monastery of Atros is “Holy Monastery of the Most Holy Theotokos of Atros”


source – FB post of Jerry Gasparinatos

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