FlyKefalonia : Update from the official Kefalonia & Ithaca hotels association

Positive to see the latest endorsement from the official hoteliers of Kefalonia regarding the new airline service launching flights imminently to and from Kefalonia.

“We welcome the @fly. kefalonia on our island .

An important Initiative from a Kefalonia businessman for Kefalonia that will help in the tourism development of our island FlyKefalonia will connect the airport of our island with Tel-Aviv, Hamburg, Berlin, Lyon will provide new flights direct flights to cities in Britain, such as Manchester, Glasgow, the Dublin, this is undeniably a positive development for the tourism and economy of our island and we congratulate the company for the initiative, we wish you Many Hours of Flights and good fulfilment”

Who are the association and what are there aims?

The Kefalonia and Ithaca Hotel Association was founded in 1983 and the present board is

– Gerasimos Timotheatos – President
– Gerasimos Strintzis – Vice President
– Nikos Kourkoumelis – Gen. Secretary
– Konstandina Charitou – Financial Director
– Omiros Kostopoulos – Public relations

The aim of the Association is the representation of the Hoteliers in various forums in Greece and abroad, promoting Tourism in Kefalonia and Ithaca.

Some of the forums in which the Association is represented are the Prefectural Committee of Tourism Promotion as well as the Company for Tourism Development and Promotion.

The Association takes part in several exhibitions every year in Greece and abroad, it invites several journalists and key players in the tourism business in cooperation with other associations and interested parties (Association of Apartments, Chamber of commerce, tourist agents etc) in order to promote and maximize the incoming tourism in Kefalonia and Ithaca.

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We know lots of you put great value on the local Greek media as a genuine sources of information so its also good to see there backing of the new air service today and hopefully this will be supported by tickets being booked at the imminent launch of this new independent route to Kefalonia




One thought on “FlyKefalonia : Update from the official Kefalonia & Ithaca hotels association

  • March 14, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    Please get the 7am flight Kefalonia-Athens back onto the schedule…
    It’s absence affects so many of our international guests Re their connecting flights… currently they end up leaving our island 1 day earlier in order to overnight in Athens…. Expensive for the guests and very expensive for us locals!


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