Fofi Gennimata in Kefalonia: The island needs support and development plan


F. Gennimata visited the affected areas of Kefalonia and was informed by the local authorities about the damage from the recent bad weather and the process of their restoration. Ms. Gennimata was asked about the appointment of El. Zaroulia in Parliament, and stressed that it does not matter that the decision was annulled, it matters that they thought from the beginning to do so

The affected areas of Kefalonia were visited by Fofi Gennimata and executives of the Movement for Change, where they were informed by the local authorities about the damage from the recent bad weather and the process of their recovery.

Lack of infrastructure projects

In her statements, she pointed out that the damages bring to the surface long delays and the absence of very important infrastructure projects, as well as anti-flood measures on the island.

“The government has announced a series of measures, but they are relief measures and in no case are they enough. And they are already very late in their implementation. “Until today, the citizens of Kefalonia who have suffered disasters have not been supported”, said the president of KINAL.

She added that the purpose of her visit is not to forget the problems as she said:

Development plan

“Kefalonia needs a development plan that will take into account the peculiarities of insularity, the damage that the island has suffered from earthquakes and is still facing problems, the damage that tourism has suffered from the coronary artery, the health problems it is facing even today. It is therefore necessary to commit funds from the public investment program, from the NSRF but also from the European solidarity fund “.

She demanded that the competent ministers for the restoration schedule of the infrastructures in Kefalonia be committed in the Parliament.

She referred in particular to the health infrastructure of the NSS on the island, saying that “it is a challenge in the pandemic that the intensive care unit at the hospital of Argostoli, which was created and equipped by a private donation, could not function. “And it really is a challenge for the government to abandon the NSS entirely to its fate, to face the coronavirus alone without means, without hiring permanent staff”.

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