Following inspections at airport and other requirements – the Ionian Islands are ready to welcome tourists safely

Mr. Hardalias paid a visit to 18 regional airports in the country during the next three days of the tour, which will be open to foreign flights from July 1, in order to inform and coordinate all safe procedures. start their operation with the relevant controls, in cooperation with the local authorities.

During his short stay in Corfu, Mr. Hardalias presented in detail to the competent bodies the government’s plan for the control of the incoming visitors in the airports in order to avoid the dispersion of Covid -19.
Ms. Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou informed about the readiness that exists in each Regional Unit for the hospitality of the visitors but also the implementation of the measures and the health protocols.

He stressed that the success of the project for the protection of public health and the resumption of tourism depends on informing the citizens, professionals, employees and the good coordination of the involved bodies, adding that for this purpose the Ionian Islands Region conducts local information gatherings.

He said the Ionian Islands are ready to welcome tourists safely, and said a wide range of seminars and training programs on health tourism protocols for about 20,000 professionals in the region are being launched at the initiative of the Region to increase the level. security and tourism businesses.
“The policy and targeting of the measures are becoming much more specific in view of the opening of the next days of airports in European countries and for this reason we must prepare to respond with adequacy and success to the new data,” said Ms. Kratsa. – Tsagaropoulou to journalists after the meeting.

Mr. Kardalias informed that 250 sampling inspections will be carried out daily at Zakynthos airport to tourists who will arrive on the island, 100 at Kefalonia airport and 400 at Corfu airport. In particular, he clarified that from Sunday, June 28, 2020, a special ladder of health officials of the Armed Forces will be installed together with the Greek Police and the Fire Brigade for the realization of the sampling controls.

“The issue of public health is above all else. An issue that we are not going back to “, Mr. Hardalias emphasized.
The program of Mr. Hardalias’ visits started from the Ionian Islands with the first stop in Zakynthos and then in Kefalonia where corresponding meetings were held with the participation of the local Deputy Regional Governors George Stasinopoulos and Stavros Travlos and the competent bodies.

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