For Awareness- Fire Exercise 9th May @10:00 (Aghia Adreas) Peratata and Karavados and wider Livathos area

Following last weeks successful exercise in an an urban area (Argostoli) the fire brigade have announced this week they will simulate a forest fire incident (full translation below) near Karavados on Thursday.

Exercise to deal with a large forest fire under the code name DIA-PYROS 2019 

“Exercise to deal with a large forest fire under the code name ” DIA-PYROS 2019 ”

  1. We would like to inform you that on Thursday 09-05-2019 & Ω / 10: 00, there will be a large-scale forest fire under the code name “DI PYROS 2019”as a real event and will be followed by all operational plans of a forest fire that is being managed by the Fire Brigade, starting from the announcement of the fire, the immediate mobilization of the fire brigade vehicles of the Fire Brigade or the Fire Brigade, under whose jurisdiction the selected area belongs the fire will take place, the escalation of the dispatch of several firefighting vehicles, the sending of section hikers, the subscription of the waterways of the Municipalities of the Municipality of Kefalonia and Voluntary Groups of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection, as well as any other action decided – the fire coordinator suggested the most effective response to the incident.
  2. The chosen place – the scope of the above exercise is the wider area, from the position “Ag. Andreas “of PC Peratata Livathos to the west (D) of the settlement of Karavados, PC Similarly, U.S. Pat. Livathos.

The commander


     Charalambos N. Giannakis


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