Forecast for sunny days and prolonged Summer ahead!

Sakis Arnaoutoglou looks forward to plenty of sunshine and little to no rain in the near future.

According to him, interest in weather development is focused after 12 – 13 October (Saturday – Sunday). As a well-known meteorologist explained, a cyclone in Europe will prevent low pressures from coming north and west to our country.

“This coming week is going to create a cyclone, high pressures almost everywhere keeping the weather very good up to our region, and this cyclone is hardly collapsing. It is an air tower that prevents barometric lows coming in, either from the north or the west, so as it sits above and over the Balkans it will give a prolonged summer which will start after October 12-13 and according to the latter Forecasts do not rule out the weather to be good, with no rain with sufficient sunshine until October 24-25, ”he says.

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