Forecast – Professor Coronovirus in Greece: ‘Probability of 5,000 outbreaks in 15 days’

Hard prediction by biochemistry professor Dimitris Kouretas who spoke on Monday (16/3) morning on OPEN TV.

Even stricter measures are being demanded for the Coronation Professor of Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Thessaly Dimitris Kouretas, in order not to have the “evolution” of Italy.

Speaking on OPEN TV, he said he believed the government would take even tougher measures in the coming days, arguing that the outbreaks in Italy were the result of the individual irresponsibility of citizens who “went out for drinks and coffee” despite warnings and asked them to Greek citizens adhere strictly to the guidelines of the EODY “doing a great job” all this time.

Mr Kouretas argued that it is up to the citizens to depend on how much the outbreaks will increase and whether the number will rise to 5,000-10,000 or be much higher in a month than today.

In detail the teacher’s post:

The fact that today people in Athens went massively to the beaches, it seems that they have not realized what will happen. I cannot understand what the Church of Greece expects to make a statement. You see Italy now having 20,000 cases. We are just following in Italy’s footsteps and people on the street are laughing.

When our acquaintances die helplessly at home because this will happen around the big week (we have almost 250 ICU beds for coronaviruses around the country), then it will be late. Maybe you need immediate hard measures because I don’t see anything else. In the meantime as you are home read the ten days of Vocakio. It describes nice things. ”


Its tough but realistic post

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