Foreign retirees: Tax invitation – The Staikoura proposal (taxed at only 10%)

A bill was introduced regarding the taxation of incomes coming from abroad – Exclusive report of Open

It seems that the government is also inviting foreign retirees to transfer their tax headquarters to our country. According to Spyros Dimitrelis’ report on the Open, on Tuesday, at the cabinet meeting, the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras , presented a bill concerning the taxation of incomes coming from abroad .

The most important provision presented and approved by the cabinet, according to information, provides the following: any foreign retiree who moves and settles permanently in Greece and transfers his tax residence to Greece, then for the income he receives from his pension from his country of origin, will be taxed in Greece at a rate of only 10% .

The rate will be uniform, it will be flat, in order to be a very strong incentive for foreigners to settle in Greece. With this provision, Greece is entering a “wedge” in other countries of Southeast Europe , such as Spain, which has preceded and is attracting retirees from the north. So, our country wants to become a “Miami of Europe”.


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