Forged 50€ AND 100€ Notes In Circulation

Contemporary information from Patras and other mainland sites, some news sources on the island are also reporting notes detected in Kefalonia

Patra: They were found to be forged 100 euros


Fraud smuggling circuit allegedly has developed action in Patras.

More specifically, in the last days, counterfeits of 100 euros have been detected in a Pharmacy, a store, and a bank branch.

According to, the incidents were reported to the Police, which is conducting surveys to locate the people who traded the illegal banknotes on the market.

For this reason the General Regional Police Directorate of Western Greece advises the citizens, to be especially careful in their transactions, mainly with 100 and 50 euro notes.

The security features of the euro banknotes are: 
• The paper 
• The embossing 
• The watermark 
• The incomplete drawing 
• The security film 
• The perforated pattern 
• The hologram strip 
• The hologram on a sheet 
• The variable color ink 
• The iridescent strip


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