Forget carnival this year too, according to what has been heard so far from the “experts”, there is no way we can live a Carnival this year either.

What experts estimate for Halloween and Easter

The president of EINAP, Matina Pagoni, speaking a few days ago on a television station, had warned that we will continue to live with the coronavirus, estimated that there will be a de-escalation of hard indicators in early March and added that then things will go very well. In fact, regarding Easter, he stressed that “the essence is that we will skewer lamb”.

Regarding the issue of carnivals, yesterday, the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris, stressed that the issue will be examined in the coming days by experts, noting that large concentrations are a cause for concern.

For his part, the professor of Microbiology at the University of West Attica, Alkiviadis Vatopoulos, speaking today on a television station, when asked if the carnival events will take place this Halloween, did not seem particularly optimistic, noting that ” a carnival will obviously provoke people. “Crowding will bring cases, they will bring disease and therefore serious incidents . “

As for Easter, he estimated that ” this year we will be able to go to the village” and added that the summer will be better, given that the immunization of the population is much better and there are medicines, but stressed that we will not throw away the masks. As he said “there is a political decision across Europe to end the restrictions as much as possible, but this poses a health risk .”

“This Easter will be better and after the spring we can be optimistic that everything will go better,” Pulmonology professor Nikos Tzanakis told Mega at the end of January, while Gikas Majorkinis, professor of Epidemiology and member of the Committee of Experts, told 20/1 that in order for the happy ending to happen for Easter in the village, everyone should make the third dose of the vaccine but also the protection measures should be observed.

It is recalled that yesterday the professor of Pulmonology-Intensive Care, Theodoros Vasilakopoulos, estimated that ” around Easter we will reach a relative herd immunity, unfortunately not in a safe way through vaccination but through disease with all that dangerous implies”.

According to information, the plan to abolish the measures is foreseen to be two-speed. For vaccinated people any measure will be abolished, but there will be an obligation to wear masks.

The measures for the unvaccinated will remain in force especially for older people who are most affected by the coronavirus.

In any case, the restrictions will not have to do with age, as the main criterion will be whether someone has been vaccinated or not.

At the same time there will be changes in the tests, they will be reduced but the obligation to do tests in schools will remain while there will be changes in the announcement of coronavirus cases. 

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