The redesigned Facebook anticipates changes in events, groups, and undertakes to find users right.

New friends

The new meeting “meet new friends” will help users find new friends and get in touch with people who have the same interests.


Their redesign will immediately be made on iOS and Android apps, and in the coming months they will be made in the decstop version. The Groups tab will be at the center of the redesigned menu bar and clicking there users will see a separate stream of new posts from participating Groups and suggestions for Groups that match their interests.

They will also be promoted across the entire range of the app while allowing users to post to a group directly from the News Feed or their profile.


The new Events tab will be next to the Groups tab and includes a more rich map to find the user’s events with ease, organize your schedule and move from those that are closed (eg a friend’s party) to them (such as a concert).

Secret Crush

The new Facebook service, called “Secret Crush” , will play the role of an electronic … matchmaker. 

Facebook Dating is available in a few countries for the time being, while a further 14 were added during Facebook’s F8 conference, mainly from South America and South East Asia.

Each user will be able to select up to nine “friends” for whom they are interested in more than an online relationship. Then he just waits, if one of the nine chooses in turn and then the match will be done.

Whenever a user chooses a user, this user will be informed by Facebook about hidden love but only if the match is successful will complete the process and reveal the names.

“Our users have said they believe there is the possibility to explore possible romantic relationships through their circles,” the company said.

The list of the nine people chosen by each user is private.

The service will initially be available in a few countries including Colombia, Canada, Thailand, Argentina and Mexico, as well as 14 countries in Asia and South America.

It is unknown when Facebook Dating will be available in Greece.

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