Fotis Messari (Manager of Argostoli hospital) Thanks for the donations and Guidance on other requirements


Dear Compatriots and Friends of Kefalonia

In the first place, I would like to thank both you and the staff of KEFALENIA Hospital for your emotional response to contributing to the hospital struggle to prepare it as efficiently as possible for the management of potential cases.

First of all, I would like to address a large ‘THANK YOU’, personally and on behalf of the KEFALLINIA hospital staff, for your emotional response to contributing to the hospital’s efforts to make it as effective as possible in managing any possible medical incidents caused by the coronavirus.

Although we still have no evidence of coronary artery disease, our hospitals, medical and nursing staff, as has been proven to date, operate responsibly and professionally so that we all feel as safe as possible against the coronary artery disease.

We are small hospitals, with little capacity (TOWARDS THIS), but with people who are struggling, struggling and struggling to meet the demands of providing reliable health services to our compatriots and those in need of our hospital services .

Against this backdrop and anxious to get through this epidemic so that we can be together again “the next day” and rejoice in the time God has given us, we continue to strive for an ever-improving function and organized but and a well-coordinated management of any coronary events that may occur.

Referring with particular appreciation to your already expressed sensitivity for assistance in our hospital, I enclose a table with medical equipment and consumables needed to function and meet its special needs.

These needs relate to both the preparation of hospital premises and the management of coronary events.

The aim is for the hospital to be able to adequately manage any positive cases and then to successfully meet the increased hospitalization needs of such cases, and possibly burdensome health conditions, for as long as required (and the number of records available).

The quoted prices of the respective items are indicative, and the type of ventilator is a basic type to compare with any type found on the market.

It is advisable for the ventilators to have prior contact with the hospital prior to purchase (if time is available and due to the lack of such materials).

Thank you very much

Yours sincerely

With great appreciation

General Kefalinia & General LIXOURIOU “MANDAZABINATEIO”



These materials must be of hospital use:

Portable Ventilators (DRAGER or DRAGER type) COST: approximately 9000 € / pc + VAT

Isolated EDAN IM70 Wheelchair Vital Function Monitors: 3000 EUROS / PC. + VAT As many as possible (indicative 15)
Suction handheld trolleys 5
Laryngoscopes: 2 2000 EUR / pc + VAT per pcs
Oxygen bottles 10 km: 10 450 EUR / pc. + VAT Per Pc.
Cardiographers 2 2400 EUR / pcs + VAT per pc.
Defibrillator Monitor + Pacemaker 3 4200 / pcs. + VAT
Electronic sphygmomanometers with oximeters 5 2200 + VAT 24
Portable oximeters 10 (value 80 €)
Stethoscopes 8 40 EURO / PCS + VAT
AMBU adult 25 60 EUR / PCS + VAT
AMVU children 5 60 EUR / PCS + VAT
Set laryngoscope cold light with straight and convex blades: 4
Volumetric Fluid Delivery Pumps: 20 1200 EUROS / PC. + VAT
High Protection Uniforms, 20 EUR / PCT + VAT
Non sterile waterproof surgical aprons 0.25 EUR / PCT. + VAT
Simple surgical masks 1.10 EUR / TEM, FFP2 5 EUR / TEM and FFP3, 21 EUR / TEM
Facial Shields 3.5 EUR / TEM
Tubes (kit) for coronavirus specimen testing 4 EUR / TEM.
Laryngeal masks (2nd generation hyperglot devices) 50 (cost 15 € / each)
Laryngeal masks (igel type, silicone without airbag) No 3,4,5 out of 10 (costs 13-15 € each).
C-PAP system with high flow flowmeter 10 (cost 50 €)
Bronchial aspiration (closed type aseptic bronchial aspiration) 50 cost 6 €
Antimicrobial Mechanical Circuit Breaker Filters 150 Cost 3 €
Transformer 5 Cost 30-50 €.

2 containers (ISOBOX) with toilets and shower (4 + 4) 5000 EUROS / PC
4 closet type air conditioners approx 35000 btu / pc. EUR 2500 / PC. + VAT
Two small houses ISOBOX type connected or 1 large (as a sorting house)
ONE SINGLE BOX 10m long, 30 m2 6,000 euros / pcs. + VAT

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