Four arrests in Argostoli for noise pollution!


Corfu, July 20, 2020


Eight (8) people were arrested in similar cases in Corfu and Kefalonia, for noise pollution

In the last twenty-four hours, in Corfu and Kefalonia, eight (8) locals were arrested by police officers of the Corfu, Argostoli and Lefkimmi Police Departments, in respective cases, for noise pollution.

Specifically, the arrests were made during police inspections of noise pollution measurement with a special electronic device, during which it was found that the three (3) arrested in Corfu, four (4) in Argostoli and another in Kavos Lefkimmis, either as the owner or of the temporary manager, there were shops of health interest, disturbing the common peace of the neighbors.

The controls are part of the policing actions of the tourist areas of the Ionian Islands and will continue at an intensive pace throughout the summer season.

The eight (8) arrested were taken to the relevant Prosecutor’s Office’s.

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