Four people arrested for various offenses in Kefalonia over the weekend


Corfu, 16 December 2019


Seven (7) people arrested for various offenses in Kefalonia, Corfu and Zakynthos

Police raids have recently been carried out in various areas of the Ionian Islands to prevent crime, resulting in the arrest of seven (7) people, aged 17 to 43, for various offenses.

Specifically, the arrests concerned the detection of:

  • in Kefalonia, on Friday (13-12-2019), by police officers of the Sami and Paliki Police Departments, three (3) foreigners 43, 29 and 26 years old because they were illegally resident in Chora, and on Saturday (14.12.2019) an 18 year old resident , by officers of the Crime Prevention Task Force (OPEC), for possession of cannabis,
  • in Corfu on Saturday (14.12.2019) by officers of the Crime Prevention Task Force (OPEC), a 17-year-old national for possession of cannabis, and on Sunday (15.12.2019) by officers from the 40-day North Kern Police Department leads to drunkenness,
  • in Zakynthos , on Sunday (15-12-2019), by the officers of the DIAS Team, a 22 year old resident for possession of a small amount of cannabis,

Those arrested were taken to the relevant Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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