Fraport Kefalonia International Passenger Arrivals for June Marginally down on 2018

A slight increase of 2.1% was reported in June in passenger traffic at 14 regional airports operated by Fraport Greece, with a total passenger volume of 4.46 million.

The highest passenger rises were recorded in the airports of Aktio (+ 13,1%), Mykonos (12%) and Samos (9%), while “low flights” were observed in the passenger corridors at Corfu airports (-3.5% Kavala (-2%) and Skiathos (-1.1%).

Indeed, international passenger traffic grew by 1.8% and domestic traffic by 3.5%.

Germans, British, Italians and Poles recorded the most arrivals in June (1.036 million) out of a total of 1.91 million arrivals at 14 airports.

Total passenger traffic at airports in the first six months shows an increase of 2.7%, with an increase of 3% due to international passenger traffic, and total passengers stood at 10.9 million.

Regarding Kefalonia there was a 0.3% (412 passengers) drop in international passenger numbers versus 2018 and 2.2% (19) less planes, it should be noted due to increased domestic flights and passengers the airport overall has increased use during the June period.

Full statistics below for June


and year to date statistics



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