Fraport Report 2% Drop in Passengers in Their 14 Greek airports for May 2019

Fraport: Reducing passenger traffic at 14 airports in May

Passenger traffic at 14 regional airports managed by Fraport Greece in May is 1.9%, with passengers totaling 3.08 million compared to 3.14 million in May 2018.

From the statistics reported by the company, there are significant losses at the airports of Chania (-8.4%), Kavala (-6.3%) and Rhodes (-5.1%), while an increase is recorded at the airports of Skiathos (+17 , 5%), Mytilene (+ 10.1%) and Mykonos (+ 9%).

Most of the decline was due to domestic passenger traffic, which averaged -3.1%, with the international average dropping to -1.5%.

As a result, airport passenger traffic for the first half of 2019 is 6.44 million passengers, compared with 6.25 million in the corresponding period of 2018, slowing the five-month increase to + 3% for the 14 airports.

In May, 1,334 million arrivals were recorded, most of which were due to British, German, Dutch and Polish passengers, who accounted for more than half of arrivals.

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