Fraport update and Covid measures that will be in place as some of you (hopefully!) transit through Kefalonia airport this year

The works at nine of the 14 airports have been completed, while the remaining five are being operated day and night so that the brand new facilities can be delivered on time to local communities and the public. The other big challenge is to adapt and align all the procedures and all the users of the airport with the health protocols, as they emerged in the middle of the pandemic, in order to ensure the health and safety of the visitors.

The sheds light on both these parameters and presents in detail the “map” of protection measures against COVID-19 at the airports as well as projects which have either been completed or are under construction and implementation stage at 14 airports.

Over the past two months, life around the world may have been overshadowed by the spread of the deadly pandemic, but Greece, showing an unexpected maturity and exceptional reflexes, has managed not only to reduce the number of cases but also to become a model country. example to imitate and attraction for thousands of tourists.

Now, activities are returning and people are gradually taking life back into their own hands, entering a different daily life with new rules and challenges. So people start moving and traveling again.

How are the trips for 2020 formed and what are the measures taken by the airports ?

Regarding the COVID-19 virus, the action plan issued by EODY is faithfully followed, which is in line with the emergency response plans prepared by Fraport Greece.

Personal protective equipment has been provided and distributed to the management company’s staff (masks, gloves, antiseptics, disposable robes, hats and goggles) while all visitors and airport employees must wear masks .

Airports have been marked to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters for passengers waiting at both checkpoints and departure gates.

At the same time, with the aim of avoiding the use of passenger buses for boarding and disembarking, the walk in-walk out process is applied as much as possible , ie passengers walk from the terminal to the aircraft and vice versa, instead of going to and from them by bus. .

Possible accommodation and passenger accommodation from a possible flight crash have been set at all 14 airports.

At the same time, there is a concern for biological waste management system for disinfection of aircraft, vehicles, facilities and for the management of a possible case in the areas and the possibility of disinfection is provided after a possible or confirmed case using the necessary means of cleaning personal protective equipment.

The cleaning crews have intensified the cleaning / preventive disinfection services in all the common areas of the airport.


1. Arrivals : after each arrival, thorough cleaning and disinfection of everything that comes in contact with the human hand (ie on knobs, doors, straps, handrails, elevator buttons, seats, tables, taps, sinks, sinks, appliances, etc.)

2. Departures : after each departure, thorough cleaning and disinfection of anything that comes in contact with the human hand

3. Check in : with the completion of the check-in process of a flight thorough cleaning and disinfection of everything that comes in contact with the human hand

4. Departure gates : with the completion of the boarding of a flight thorough cleaning and disinfection of everything that comes in contact with the human hand

5. Automatic cash registers (ATM) meticulous cleaning in an appropriate manner

6. In the areas of passport and customs control used to serve passengers, after each use, thorough cleaning and disinfection is carried out in contact with the human hand.

7. Other shared uncontrolled areas, as well as above, thorough cleaning and disinfection of everything that comes in contact with the human hand

– Regarding passenger checkpoints : after each departure of the passengers of the flight or where this is not possible every 3 hours, thorough cleaning and disinfection of anything that comes in contact with the human hand (item storage containers and tapes)

– In the WC, thorough cleaning and disinfection in all toilets (knobs, doors, taps, sinks, basins, appliances, etc.). At the same time, handheld devices are installed in the airport toilets and regular inspection of soap and running water is carried out in order to ensure maximum personal hygiene of passengers and employees, according to the instructions of the WHO and the Public Health Authorities.

– Installation of tensa-barrier in front of check in counters and sales desks in order to maintain safe distance during the check-in & ticket issuance process.

With a high sense of responsibility towards public health and the health of travelers, a new experience is formed within the 14 airports which focuses on the passenger, taking all those measures which, as a safety net, provide a sense of security and tranquility.

Of course, all of the above would be difficult to implement if infrastructure and procedures at regional airports had not been upgraded.

Kefalonia Airport “Anna Pollatou”

  1. Construction of a new surface airport of 10,700 m2
  2. 70% increase in check-in points
  3. Doubling security and control points
  4. Installation of a modern baggage control and management system
  5. Doubling the total number of departure gates
  6. Construction of a new sewage treatment plant
  7. Construction of a new fire station and a new checkpoint in the area of ​​aircraft activities
  8. Air traffic control tower renovation
  9. Renovation of the road at the landing-take-off-landing areas of aircraft
  10. Reconstruction of the aircraft parking space

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