Free advertising and web hosting 2022 offer

It’s been another tough season for many Kefalonian businesses and the people they support in 2021 and the winter is also proving to be difficult.

Recognising this and the fact we don’t have any commercial pressures or interests in gaining from Kefalonia businesses in these difficult times, from now and for all of next season we will be offering free advertising on The Kefalonia Pulse and its sister sites including;

The Kefalonia Pulse– Online newspaper website

The Kefalonia Pulse FB page – Facebook page

The Kefalonia Pulse Group – Interactive facebook group

The Kefalonia Pulse -Twitter

The Kefalonia Pulse – Instagram

The Kefalonia Pulse – TikTok

Information for placing adverts on The Kefalonia Pulse

For local hoteliers, taverna/restaurant owners, car hire companies, activity companies and any other businesses related to Kefalonia for Summer 2022 we are offering FREE advertising.

We have a large and continually growing audience significantly comprising of English speaking tourists across all social media channels many of whom are looking to come to Kefalonia this season where we will place your adverts for free from now until the end of the 2022 Kefalonia tourist season.

So let’s get this free advertising moving today while many people are looking forward to better days in the Summer.

For those of you who have everything in place, please send the information through to us and we will start adding adverts across all our channels.

We will also be happy to assist creating adverts and developing and hosting for free small web sites using fast UK based web servers.

An example of a small website we created and are hosting Nikos & Vassilis Apartments Lourdas




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