Free distribution of cadastral maps via the internet

The Hellenic Land Registry announces an important step towards the development of the National Infrastructure of Geospatial Information of our country, with the creation of the INSPIRE GREEK CATALOG Gate which all citizens have access through its website ( (Infrastructure Projects / Geo INSPIRE Hellenic Land Registry).

This Geopyle aims to meet part of the requirements of the European Directive 2007/2 / EC (INSPIRE) which aims to create a European platform for the easy exchange and use of geographical data, such as the physical characteristics of an area, the terrain land, rivers, lakes, roads, administrative division, protected areas, cadastral maps, etc.

Through this website and especially for the cadastral data, the citizens can:

  • find in which areas a land registry operates
  • see the cadastral maps of these areas
  • see information about these maps (metadata)
  • choose the areas that interest them
  • integrate the cadastral maps of these areas in applications that have (or develop)
  • copy the cadastral map data to their computer for independent use (download).

In addition to cadastral maps, citizens can also be informed about the availability, as well as the technical characteristics (metadata), color orthophotos and digital terrain models) which mainly reflect the characteristics of the earth’s surface (coverage and relief ) in different scales (1: 1,000, 1: 5,000) and different time periods (2007-2009, 2014-2015). In fact, citizens can obtain them upon their request, from the Land Registry.

With the data and functions freely available to all interested parties and especially professionals, they can meet a wide range of their information needs.

For example, they can see, at any time, the boundaries of all the properties that have been registered in an area, to distinguish the common areas (eg streets, squares, etc.) and any areas of special interest that exist there (e.g. x. streams, rivers, lakes, shore etc).

In addition, in relation to the development dimension of the Land Registry, the above data can be included in applications related to:

  • in investment planning and evaluation
  • in the expansion of city plans
  • in the provision of services
  • in the design and implementation of rural development programs
  • in the study of social problems
  • in the protection and monitoring of the environment andi n dealing with natural disasters.

The content of the website will be updated and systematically upgraded following the evolution of the National Land Registry and the progress of creating new cartographic data.

The above-mentioned applications were created as part of the project: “Transfer of data of the ‘Greek Land Registry’ to the INSPIRE Directive” co-financed by the European Union through the Operational Program “Competitiveness – Entrepreneurship – Innovation 2014-2020” (EPANEK 2014-2020) NSRF (2014-2020).


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