From Monday’s four-day heatwave in Greece: That will “cover” the country (video)

AFP map showing heatwave to “cover” Greece / Photo: YOUTUBE / AFP

A strong heat wave that will “eject” mercury at 40 degrees Celsius is expected to hit the country by next Monday.

After a weekend in which the weather is expected to be volatile , the temperature will pick up again from the dawn on Monday.

As they all seem to show, the refreshing meltemi of Greece will “bend” against the heat wave that afflicts Europe and the high temperatures will overwhelm the country.

According to meteorologist Tassos Arnica, the rise in temperature will be felt by Monday, while the heat wave, as he claimed, will bring temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius and will continue to hit the country until Thursday.

 So the heat and Greece will hit
The typical AFP chart shows the course of the European heat wave and how it will “cover” Greece.

On the map, the very high temperatures of Friday (today), as well as the retreat of mercury, on Saturday and Sunday , appear . The video shows the heat wave reappearing in Greece on Monday and Tuesday, starting from eastern Macedonia, parts of Thessaly and Sterea.

The course of the heat wave towards Greece:

The AFP map shows that Wednesday heat conditions will prevail in a large part of the country – including the Peloponnese – and on Thursday high temperatures will begin to be limited.

The first 40 years have begun to appear on’s forecasting models. In the example the prognosis for Larissa, next Wednesday / Source: METEO.GR

According to Tassos Arnica, next Friday the temperatures will return to normal levels for the season, conditions that will probably remain until Sunday election, July 7th.
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