From Tuesday the strongest storm of autumn weather

The meteorologist and MP of ND, Yiannis Kallianos, spoke on THEM 104.6 about the strongest wave of bad weather this autumn since Tuesday noon.

As the weather mainly explained the rains, thunderstorms, hailstorms and very strong south winds – mainly in the Ionian Sea – will be caused by the low barometric monster formed in the central Mediterranean on Tuesday and swirling around it himself over Italy.

“The remnants of this low will affect our region as well. From noon on Tuesday the weather will start to be unstable from the Ionian with the main features of thunderstorms and very strong south winds of 9-10 Beaufort. By Tuesday night, the phenomenon will have spread to the rest of the continent. In the early hours of Wednesday, Attica will receive heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, “said Mr Kallianos.
As he explained, “for many regions of the country and especially for western Greece, the phenomena will have both intensity and duration”.

Evidence shows that “we will also have mud because of the dust concentration”.

“I am afraid that we will have floods, the situation will be difficult. It is the strongest wave of bad weather this fall. On Thursday the phenomena will reach the eastern Aegean. So we are talking for 72 hours under heavy thunderstorms in several areas of the country, “Yiannis Kallianos concluded.


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