Full moon and … eclipse together! Fascinating phenomenon on Friday night

We will be able to enjoy an impressive phenomenon in the night sky on Friday, where the full moon will be accompanied by an eclipse!

In particular, there will be an eclipse of the shadow of the Moon, a phenomenon in which the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, ie the outer part of the shadow of our planet.

During the eclipse, the Moon darkens slightly but not completely as in the normal eclipse. The phenomenon – if the weather allows it – will be visible from most of Europe (and Greece), Africa, Asia and Australia.

The eclipse will last a total of three hours and 18 minutes. In Athens it will start at 20:45, it will reach its maximum at 22:25 (when more than 50% of the moon will be in the shadow of the Earth) and it will end a few minutes after midnight.

This is the second eclipse this year, as it was preceded on January 10 by a lunar eclipse. This will be followed in 2020 by a ring eclipse of the Sun on June 21, a lunar eclipse on July 5, a fourth lunar eclipse on November 30, and finally a total solar eclipse on December 14.

source -newsit.gr

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