Full Moon and Orionid meteor showers over next couple of nights

We will see magical images on Wednesday, October 20 in the next full moon  as a different combination of astronomical phenomena is about to take place.

Specifically in the early hours of Wednesday October 20 the next full moon in the sky is expected which comes shortly before another astronomical spectacle,that of the Orionids.

This is a moderate intensity rain of meteors which is going to peak in Greece in the early morning of the next day October 21st.

The Orionides took their name from the constellation Orion and are created from the tail left behind by Comet Haley.

In this “rain”, dozens of meteors per hour enter and burn in the atmosphere of our planet with a speed that reaches up to 67 kilometers / second, leaving strong traces in the sky.

Five days later on October 25 Mercury will be at the highest point of its orbit above the horizon in the morning eastern sky, with dawn being the best time to observe it.

On October 29 Venus will dominate the western sky after sunset.

Source –  ertnews.gr


One thought on “Full Moon and Orionid meteor showers over next couple of nights

  • October 20, 2021 at 7:44 am

    Isn´t it comet Halley? – Just asking!


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