The full moon will appear shortly after sunset and reach its peak exactly 33 minutes after midnight on Saturday morning.

The full moon will make a strong appearance on Friday afternoon shortly after sunset, but will reach its peak at 00:33 on Saturday morning.

Friday’s full moon, dubbed “harvest moon”, is closer to autumnal equinox or, alternatively, the beginning of Autumn, which officially kicks off on September 23.

Its name, “harvest moon”, came from agriculture, as the autumn equinox always fell along with the agricultural work of the farmers. Their crops always grew in late summer and early autumn, which meant that they had to work hard until late in the night to harvest.

At that time there were no tractor lenses and farmers were working with the all-moon moon.

Although the moon is full, it appears very small in the sky. On Friday, it will be at its longest orbit around Earth, and will appear 14% smaller on Earth.


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