Full Moon, Super Black Moon and Super Moon will make our nights a bit more … adventurous this August


August has traditionally been dedicated to the Moon, as it was the month with the redest moon, but also because of holidays, as then, there is more time and relaxation to enjoy their natural phenomena and beauties. This month, in August, the Moon will have its … honor a little bit more, as there will be several phenomena related to the moon during the month. 

Starting today, August 1st, when we will have a New Moon a phenomenon where the Moon and the Sun are aligned in such a way that the Moon is standing between the Earth and the star, making our side of the Moon completely dark. .


On August 2nd we will have Super Moon. Because of the elliptical orbit that follows as it orbits the Earth, the Moon will be at its closest distance from Earth. The point at which our natural satellite is closest to the Earth is called peripheral, and the point at which it is most distant from it is called peripheral. When the Moon is in the periphery it appears in the naked eye 14% larger and 30% brighter. Astronomers call it the “full moon” and the term Super Moon is a term introduced by astrologers.

On August 30th we will have New Moon and Super Moon at the same time where yes the moon will be nearest to Earth but it will be dark. This is a phenomenon known as “Black Super Moon”.
source – protothema.gr

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