Funding of Municipalities for the Operation of Stray Animal Reserves (updated information)

By a Joint Ministerial Decision published in the  Official Gazette, the funding concerns the operation of pet stray shelters and the implementation of their management operations for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021

At the same time, a call for funding has been issued for the construction of stray cattle shelters or for the upgrading of existing sites through the “Philodem II” program, with an initial budget of 20 million euros, by decision of the Ministry of the Interior, which runs until 31 December 2020.

According to the new decision of the Ministry of Rural Development, management of stray pet animals includes the collection, etiquette, recording, depopulation, sterilization, vaccination, rehabilitation (including the treatment of leishmaniasis), their feeding, adoption or reintegration, in order to ensure compliance with the provisions of Law 4039/2012 (A 15), as in force.

Beneficiaries and Conditions

Potential beneficiaries of the funding are municipalities and associations of municipalities, provided that:

  • The establishment and operation of the shelter or practice complies with the provisions of Law 604/1977 and the Presidential Decree. 463/1978, as applicable.
  • The implementation of the actions for the management of stray pet animals is in accordance with the provisions of Law 4039/2012, as in force.
  • The implementation of the actions for the management of stray pet animals is accompanied by the complete information of the Digital Service for the Management of Pet Disease Management by the Municipalities.
  • The costs for which the organization is applying for funding have already been incurred and paid when submitting the application.
  • Activities that are funded have no commercial purpose and are not part of any other national or EU funding program.

Amount of funding

The funding of the bodies amounts to up to 70% of the total eligible costs they have incurred and repaid. In particular, funding for animal feed costs amounts to up to 50% of the costs incurred and paid by the operators for this purpose.

Eligible costs

Eligible costs, according to the new Joint Ministerial Decision, are:

  • Costs to improve an existing pet house shelter for its equipment and mobile appendices as well as non-construction related costs requiring a modification of a town planning permit in order to ensure its compliance with the provisions for the habitats under Law 604 / 1977 (A 163) and p. 463/1978 (A 96) as applicable.
  • Expenditure on improving already existing municipal clinic of small animals  to implement operations management of stray pets, concerning the space equipment the clinic and mobile branches, as well as costs not related to construction that requires modification of planning permission.
  • Expenditure on medical equipment for small-scale municipal medical practice for veterinary or interventions in the management of stray pet animals.
  • Expenditures for the implementation of management activities for stray pet animals according to Law 4039/2012, as in force, excluding those included in ineligible expenses.
  • Expenditure on  feeding stray pet animals.

Ineligible expenditure

Ineligible costs are:

  1. Expenditure related to construction in an existing shelter or municipal pet clinic, which requires a modification of a town planning permit.
  2. Expenditure on the purchase of software systems and, in general, electronic and telecommunication equipment.
  3. Expenditure on the purchase of means of transport for the retrieval of stray pet animals.
  4. Expenditure on salaries of officials, including the veterinarian carrying out the veterinary operations or interventions, if the veterinarian is an employee of the municipality.
  5. Expenses for the remuneration of the members of the committees of paragraph 12 of article 9 of law 4039/2012, as in force.
  6. Expenditure on electricity, water and telecommunication costs of the shelter and medical facilities, as well as fuel and tolls for vehicles for the collection of stray pet animals.
  7. Expenditure on the cost of guarding and cleaning services of the premises of institutions where pet animals are housed or cared for.
  8. Expenditure on maintenance, repair or insurance costs of cars used in the management of stray pet animals.
  9. Expenditure on the organization of events of agencies, stationery and clothing

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One thought on “Funding of Municipalities for the Operation of Stray Animal Reserves (updated information)

  • July 9, 2019 at 8:54 am

    All very impressive on paper with good intentions, however when it comes to the actual project , there is no money, its disappeared, the materials and buildings are sub standard , the treatment and welfare of these animals is lacking due to attitudes towards animals as has been been seen from actual visits to municipal kennels on the mainland of Greece. The management of these establishments do not have the experience as to how to manage projects of this nature.


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