Further Clarification of need and timing to close Argostoli to Fiskardo road

The chamber of commerce requested further clarification to timing and extent of road closure noting;

“We are in heart of tourist season and it is an issue that greatly affects the smooth functioning of the business of the island, the daily routines, the visitors trips as well as the local economy. We hope that a safe solution that ensures a smooth transition for all”.

Further background clarification most notably on timings was given as;

It goes without saying that the blockade of traffic was not possible before the end of the school period, as in this section there are daily school trips to and from Argostoli. 

Also, it is self-evident that during the evening hours (20:00 – 08:00) that the Lixouri – Argostoli coastal(ferry)  link does not exist, the traffic of the vehicles will have to normally take place .

Please understand the road users and apologize for the inconvenience they will suffer, because bypassing this road section creates additional inconvenience.

It is necessary, however, in view of the increase of the traffic load due to the peak of the tourist traffic that the damage to this basic road axis be restored as soon as possible.

The extent and timing of closure is detailed in our previous article.

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