Further Clarification on VAT Changes

The VAT rate is changing to a range of products from Monday / Photograph: Eurokinissi

You want milk?

VAT was and remains 13% . Do you want soy milk or coconut milk? Sorry, VAT is 24%. And not just these cases.

What are the general rules for VAT?

13% basic commodities such as bread, milk, meat, fish, olive oil, cheeses, pasta, flour, cereals, vegetables, water, live animals, dishes for people with disabilities remain at reduced VAT rates.
6% of medicines, books, are overstated
the scope of the reduced VAT rate (13%) extends to all types of pasta, fish and crustacean breads, coffee, tea, fruit and vegetable juices, salt, vinegar, various cereal-based food preparations , flours, starches, and preparations for sauces, broths and broths.
(13%) to the six percent (6%) surplus electricity, gas and district heating (district heating) is shifted from the reduced rate of thirteen per cent (13%).

The Secret Behind the Tariff Classes of Products
What, however, is behind the Tariff Classes that characterize the products?

Honey obtained entirely from bees or other insects, whether or not with honeycomb or whole honeycomb, without any added sugar or other sweetening matter or any other substance, as well as mixtures of natural honey of different types (eg flowers, thyme, pine, etc.) is VAT 13%. On the contrary, natural honey, to which even small quantities of products such as cinnamon, rose petals, nuts, etc. are subject to a 24% VAT.

The milk remains at 13%, but milk-based drinks containing cocoa, coffee, fruit flavors etc. are still subject to a 24% VAT rate. The same applies to non-animal herbal and other beverages with the commercial designation ‘milk’, such as soya milk, coconut, hazelnut,

Bee pollen is classified under heading 1212 of the Customs Tariff, ie 13% VAT, while beeswax or other insects, whether or not refined or colored, are subject to a 24% VAT.

Coffee, tea is 13% VAT, but coffee or tea based drinks or other ready-to-eat products remain at 24%

Greek herbs go to 13% VAT, but cannabis seeds, ginseng remain at 24%

Sauces and mayonnaise go to 13% VAT, but the mustard remains at 24%

Natural and mineral waters remain at 13%, but are aerated at 24%

The reduced VAT rate applies also to deliveries of sweets, meals and ready-to-eat food in a “package” (supplies of goods) from restaurants, confectioneries, taverns, groceries, fast food, pizzerias, cafes and related businesses such as canteens, canteens, food preparation and distribution companies, supermarkets delivering cooked dishes, bakers, sandwiches, salads and other similar snacks or snacks, for reasons uniform treatment and to avoid distortions of competition between food businesses and / or sweets for on-the-spot consumption and those who deliver them to a ‘package’.

And the catering services provided by hotels and other tourist accommodation in their special dining areas as well as in room service rooms go to a 13% VAT, while on the other hand the in-room minibar constitute supplies of goods and are charged at the relevant rate of each item.

What is VAT on Hotels?
And what about hotels, providing breakfast, diet or all inclusive?

a. Breakfast : the unit price is subject to the reduced rate of VAT on the grounds that the consumption of coffee, juice, coffee and beverages at breakfast is an ancillary and negligible supply in relation to the main meal and stay of the single breakfast price.
b. Half-board accommodation (breakfast and lunch): 10% of the single rate is subject to the standard VAT rate as a consideration for the sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, juices and beverages.
c. Full board – 15% of the single rate is subject to the standard VAT rate as a consideration for the sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, juices and beverages.
d. Accommodation with the all inclusive system: 25% of the single price is subject to the standard VAT rate as a complex service provision which can not be clearly identified.
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