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End of season for identity cards – Digital photo and fingerprints

After 60 years, the police IDs we knew changed, as new identity cards will be issued, with digital photography and fingerprints.

Since the Hellenic Police Headquarters launched the bidding process for the creation of a new Integrated Information System Security Forms (O.P.S.E.A.) to issue new identity cards, but also all security documents.

Already, invitations to interest have been sent to a large number of qualified entities, who will submit their bids, which will be evaluated and the construction of new identities will proceed . It is reminded that companies that have to submit an interest must meet certain conditions among which have produced such documents in at least two other EU countries.


In the final line for new IDs: As credit cards -What changes, how much they will cost
HELLAS 18 | 03 | 2019 | 09:04
The Ministry of Citizen Protection clarifies that new identities are only a part of what will be built, as the creation of the OPIE. among other things, for reasons of economy, and will undertake the construction of all security documents, including driving licenses, all foreign travel documents, as well as the upgrading of Greek passports, which are otherwise regarded as the safest in the world.

With the creation of the new OPECA, new IDs and other security documents will fully follow the relevant ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) recommendations and European regulations.

It is noted that the EU decision for the construction of new identities was received from last November and the following days becomes regulation. Since then, all member countries have a 24-month period to go ahead with building their citizens’ security documents.

The new Greek ID cards will be in the form of a credit card, type ID-1, with common security features and will include, among others, a Reading Machine Zone for recognition by special scanning machines.

In particular, the European Commission’s Implementing Decision C (2018) 7774 final (30/11/2018) sets out the technical specifications – standards for security features and the use of biometrics in passports and travel documents of Member States.

Among these specifications, a special code and a special read-only zone are identified for the IDs , which will be recognized by scanning machines at airports, ports and railway stations.

The joint decision also provides for the incorporation of a chip (non-contact) that will contain the biometric data, that is, a digital photograph of the holder and two fingerprints (left and right pointers).

As it was known by the relevant authorities of the Hellenic Police Headquarters, the purpose of changing identities and other documents is to “limit counterfeiting”, but rather to “control illegal immigration and terrorism” and to ” traffic between Member States of the European Union “.

Especially for passports, as it has been known, the upgrading is to integrate the existing chip, in the form of the more sophisticated identities.

The security forms, the construction of which will be completed by the new Integrated Security Information System (OPIE), apart from the identities and passports of the Greek citizens, include:

* Diplomatic – Service passports,

* 1951 UN Refugee Travel Documents for Refugees,

* 1954 UN Travel Document for Stateless Persons,

* Driving License licenses (Ministry of Transport and Communications),

* Residence Permits for Third-Country Nationals (Ministry of Migration Policy),

* Uniform Type of Residence of Albanian-Turkish Families (Aliens Registry),

* Residence Permits for Beneficiaries of International Protection (Asylum Service),

* Identity Cards for Police Staff.

It is worth noting that Greece was one of the last countries in Europe to issue non-Mechanical Reading Identities, identities that do not follow the relevant recommendations of ICAO (International Aviation Organization).

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