Further updates on the rescue at Myrtos last night and video of the rescue


The inspiration of despair of the Port Authority of Kefalonia Thanasis Sioutis was the salvation of the swimmer and the lifeguard who sailed with the sea from Friday afternoon open in Myrtos.

The strong wind did not allow the boats of the Coast Guard to approach the two people, but fortunately there was visual contact as long as the sun was there. And whatever was to be done had to be done quickly before the sun went down and things got tough. . Despair brought the solution. As we have learned, Harbor Master Thanassis Sioutis tried an unprecedented patent that has not been known if it has been used so far in rescuing people.

He used the ormidolovo device, which in an emergency throws a vulture, a capsule which is tied to a rope. One boat throws it at the other to pull it close to it.

Hormid device
In Myrtos, the boats of the Greek Navy threw dozens of bullets to catch the two people. They dropped dozens of capsules from the boats until the two men caught enough to hold them in place. So they connected with the boat of the Coast Guard. The ropes kept them almost steady so that the wave would not drag them deeper, so that they would not be injured by the vortex (Myrtos creates the “washing machine” effect by rotating the water), or so that they would not fall on the rocks. The fact that in this way they gained a connection with the boat of the Greek Navy helped their psychology to endure so many hours in the sea with so many beauforts.

We asked why they were not “dragged” with the ropes to the boat. This would be done as a solution to despair, was the answer of our interlocutor who was an eyewitness, an individual, only if the rescue with the super puma was not done. This venture had to be avoided because it posed a high risk of fatal injury to them with the vortex of Myrtos.

With this patent that will leave history in the rescue of the Coast Guard, the people remained stable in the sea, were not swept away by the wave, were not injured and were psychologically strengthened until the super puma saved them.

Warm congratulations to the Harbor Master Thanassis Sioutis, to all the Coast Guard, to the diver Makis Sotiropoulos, to the pilot and the crew of the super puma and to all those who took part in the rescue operation.

We believe that the Harbor Master and the Coast Guard who took part should be rewarded by their Service, they managed to keep two people alive and well in the sea with 9 Beaufort and a vortex for many hours.

Source –  FB post of Peter Lee & youtube of Dimitris Kavallieratos

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