Further views from yesterdays regional meeting regarding Hydrocarbon mining in the Ionian

The meaning and obvious frustration in this message are clear, we are working on an improved translation.

We have to, we can, we can make it….

Yesterday (23/11) our massive and dynamic presence at the meeting of the Regional Council of PIN on the crucial issue of hydrocarbon extraction, as all the local communities of the Ionian islands have seen, it has demonstrated in the most undeniable way, the institutional, political and social defeat of the regional authority and majority of the people.

Which, once again, stood, not just only against us but the great majority of the inhabitants of our islands.

At this crucial meeting, the regional authority, by a majority , returning the institutional role of secondary regional self government to eras …grey and outdated, “confessed” with a perfectly clear manner, and with the most manifest of tricks that ignores the local communities and the thousands of signatures of residents, as well as the entities, associations, chambers of commerce, but at the same time sidelining our organaisation with institutional faux pas of the first degree local self-government, the decisions namely the Municipal Councils of the island, as well as the ΠΕΔΙΝ, against mining, social and human “crime”.

Staying with hypocrisy and communication methods faithful to the clear government mandate and the interests it serves, even in the presence of the government member.

At the same time, however, with yesterday’s attitude and her final recommendation-decision, she confessed even more cynically and another defeat: knowing the great mobilization of local communities and the dynamic movement that is developing, she called without any prior information so as to “wipe out” the views, technocrats of the competent ministry and the Managing Authority with the sole purpose of clouding the waters. The same waters that, with its final decision, lead to black destruction.

Thus, turning a political institution of self-government into a makeshift scientific – supposedly- update, completely unilateral, and with exclamations of advisors of the majority that “we want to be informed” to say that only a few months before the start of the research boreholes in the Ionian I don’t know what they have accepted it, attempted, the faction of mrs. Alderman, with the “golden boys & girls” of the “state of the oil”, with outdated and inaccurate, provocative, unstable and untrue, completely, propaganda i.e. “scientific” and statistical arguments, and without the possibility of αντιλόγου, to form a pro-”destructive” mining line, with the copy-paste seal of oil interests.

This outdated tactic, the even more outdated tricks and examples used by the “unofficial official” and in secret guests of Mrs. Kratsa, prove that both in the government itself and in the region, they fear local communities and Popular mobilization and anger. Seeking to… overtake the fair, common, massive and dynamic struggle of local societies, their tricks have been perceived and, of course, they are still being denounced even today, not least by a large group of SMEs.

And they may feel, Regional Authority and the majority of it in P.S, how they managed to make a decision the way they did, but they know that this decision, as in the past it happened, has no social and popular legitimacy. And what they felt yesterday had succeeded, very soon the struggle of local communities will be overthrown. Because yesterday, the “NO” we are not defeated, on the contrary, confirmed even more by the outdated tactics of a “έντρομης” majority line that “flickers” between the government and not only subjection, and in a match that they should know even if you don’t confess, how fair it is.

Open Assembly of residents of Kefalonia-Ithaca against the extraction of hydrocarbons


Source -FB post Ανοιχτή Συνέλευση Κεφαλονιάς-Ιθάκης ενάντια στην Εξόρυξη Υδρογονανθράκων

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