Garbage Separation: Six Bins in Every Home and Neighborhood – Municipal Obligations

Goodbye to the garbage bin you knew … Up to six different garbage bins must be organized by municipalities to apply landfill reduction guidelines and this removes the responsibility for each home that should have separate containers for organic, recyclable and non-waste.

According to the Nation, changes to solid waste management especially in Attica, which has lagged far behind in recycling and at the same time is lacking densely populated areas, are already sparking widespread debate. These discussions often result in controversy over where landfills will become as the “bad example” of the Landfill Land is dominated. The point is that such huge spaces for garbage burying are not necessary and the only solution is to give it an organized system where fewer materials are converted into garbage, much of it recycled and reused and a very small fraction ends up in the soil.

The relevant Ministries and the Region of Attica have proclaimed 2020 as a year of recycling but have not made it clear how this whole system will be organized in each region. An image was provided by the President of the Greek Recycling Agency (EOAN) and former Mayor of Kifissia Nikos Chiotakis at a conference on “Society without waste” organized yesterday 19/2/20 in Peristeri by local media

“We may need to have six different buckets. Others for recyclable paper, glass, metals, plastic, other for composites, but for organic bio-waste (kitchen-garden). This is very difficult to implement, “said former mayor of Kifissia N. Chiotakis, referring not only to the lack of space on sidewalks and roads but also to the organizational difficulties of each municipality.


“There should be special places for glass only, not every street or every square. Other points about plastic coke. To do this, we must have a separation within the home. For organic waste too, we can’t have a coffee bin in every part of the city, “he added. those that end up in landfills will be 25% of those going today. This will be a huge gain, “concluded the president of EOAN.), Speaking of the European directive imposing separate waste collection streams.

Mr. Chiotakis also talked about changes that have to do with waste prevention that has “already entered our lives without understanding it”, referring to the example of the plastic bag: the EU directive and then Greek legislation and said that the bag would have an environmental end. Immediately people changed, took the bag home or used other ways. This high consumption stopped because it had to pay a 5 minute charge per bag. It was a disincentive to change habits. Such habits have to be changed a lot. Many packages are costly and have an environmental cost. We can buy bulk products such as potatoes at the supermarket.

The debate was attended by councilors such as Mayor of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmenis Grigoris Constantelos who talked about ways in which his municipality managed to increase recyclables to over 35% while Greece’s average is below 20%. of Attica even lower. To do this, however, he took advantage of the separate collection and the fact that there are plenty of spaces available in his area, as Peristeri Mayor Mary Tsiotas pointed out.


Unfortunately, ordinary citizens who would come from the surrounding neighborhoods to hear what it meant and why recycling concerns them were not particularly visible in the event hall. On the contrary, outside the hall, groups of protesters from the area of ​​the Tribal Protest were seen holding banners demanding the closure of the Tribune’s landfill and not expanding by shouting against the entry of individuals and the burning of garbage. The presence of the Police was also noticeable as the MAT cage remained out of place throughout the event and the protesters had long since left.

For a more holistic approach to the problem, the president of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece and Trikka Mayor Dimitris Papastergiou spoke: “What recycling will we follow? We hear different things and we have to decide. What will be the system, what and how many bins? How do we view recycling at a reward level? Should we constantly reward citizens for something that is self-evident? In Rome, three months ago, a machine for putting bottles of water went viral, and at ten, you were getting a free subway ticket. It is good and it needs to be, but we will not go far if it is self-evident that citizens should be rewarded. To put them in such a sense, slowly to come but from now on, it is one way to recycle, ”said Papastergiou.

KEDE’s president also spoke cautiously about the bio-waste bin: “It’s a good start and I saw that the Attica region has begun, but that should also give us some clue about our climate and how often we should collect it. Think of summer with 40 degrees to leave a brown bucket for over 1-2 days undisturbed. ” He also mentioned those who had come to protest the Race: “I saw people cry out. It is good but the point is to have realistic proposals, there is also the responsibility of the citizens who are shouting and reacting to something without opposing something else. There were areas at a very good level because the communities there accepted to be landfills, transhipment stations and other infrastructure. Elsewhere, years were lost for political costs.

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