George Lilas arrival at Sami and Reception Event

The celebration of the end of the cruise that began on November 7th from Samos of Levante in the Aegean and ended today November 29th, 2019 in Samos of Kefalonia!
The cruise was done for charity and Trinitarians were placed in various posts to raise some money for the health services of our islands.
The conception of the idea is due to the new generation of Ionian islands – which we gladly saw as having an Ionian culture and a spirit of spirit – namely with Kefalonian George Potamianos and Thiakos George Lila! 

Due to G. Potamianos’ injury, the cruise continued and was completed by George Lilas.

Levante Ferries has sponsored bold and noble sailing. Thus, the enlightened Zante President Mr. George Theodossis, represented by Mr. Giannis Pilarinos, together with Captain D. Barakos and crew members of the ship “Andreas Calvos” prepared in honor of the two seafarers at the right.

Excellent food, sweets and drinks, high level of crew service and spotlessly clean space.

Among those attending the reception were Sami Deputy Mayor Ger. Podaras representing Sami Mayor Mr. Makis Monias and who handed a commemorative coin to G. Lila in the form of Goddess Athena and the captain of a bouquet with a bow, the chairman of the Ithaca Tourism Board. Mr. K. Karavia, the captain of the sea taxi Mr. Sotiris Tritsarolis, the owner of the “Mentor” Ithaca Hotel Mr. Mich. Mr. Spam Stamatelatos President of the Union of the Coast Guard Corps, Mr. Char. Artavian businessman Sami, Mr. Andr. Spetseris Vice-captain of Limassol and Sami Port Manager and of course Eleni Chionis from Kefalloniapress who covered the event.

George fitted in a lot yesterday as he was also interviewed by Peter Lee on Cosmos 965, for those who missed it live and are interested shortly it should be available on their catch-up service.

Source – FB post of Takis Tokkas

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