George Lilas review of his East to West challenge and payment details if you wish to support the fundraising for Argostoli hospital

So finished with my lonely / magical trip to Greece by Sea Kayak: from samos to Athens through the aegean and then passing through the corinth canal I made it to kefalonia and Ithaca passing through the corinthian gulf, the And the lagoon of messolonghi.
An adventure that started as an adventure for two rowers, but due to the injury of my good friend George Potamianou, I decided to continue on my own and finish the journey we planned for a good cause: raising money for the general hospital of argostoli covering the islands Ithaca and kefalonia.
During these 22 days I met many friendly people all over Greece who were willing to help me without any doubt. Γιωργος and Anthony nikolaidis from samos, lady eirini – the only resident of the island of kínaros, nikos and Olga in schinoussa and Vangelis and Tilla Bali in folegandros, all of them in the aegean. Rod Feldtmann in milos and my cousin (Buena Ventura) on the south coast of attica made my trip less lonely. Further to the west the nautical clubs in old fokea with Natassa Xanthaki and Theodora Xanthaki, Nash in mikrolimano, Piraeus, with k. Nikolopoulo, the president of the Hellenic Racing Kayak Federation and the nautical club of messolonghi with his president Mr. Makis Kotsiris made my trip a little easier. The Management of the corinth canal management company and the managing director of the canal for me. Crossing the canal was a dream for me as a again.
Levante Ferries with the crew, the captain of Andreas Kalvos and the company’s representative on my arrival in Sami, kefalonia made a wonderful reception in our honor: among them the coast guard, the volunteer fire protection team of kefalonia , the local authorities of sami municipality and local media such as Kefalonia Press with Ms. Eleni Hioni, which arranged the photo shoot and filming the arrival with drone.

Thanks also to Peter Lee from Cosmos Radio, kefalonia for covering my journey many times with live connections. A HUGE “thank you” to all of them above my heart.

Special thanks to my friends and all the people from Ithaca who supported me during my trip. Mr. Michalis Livanis, Mr. Sotiris Tritsarolis and Mr. Konstantinos Karavias, who sent me with boat from the deep of Ithaca to sami during the last day of the trip.
Thank you also to all journalists for their interest and interviews especially after the end of the trip.
Thank you to my family and my very close people who have been patient during this journey.

Finally k. George Potamianos who inspired this mission and supported me after his mature decision to stop in the ovens islands – thank you to this great sea of kefalonia and Ithaca!!

Once again in my life I realized what we can achieve if we focus on one goal and try every day to make that happen. I also saw that the smaller a place and a society the more generous its inhabitants are and more willing to help anyone who needs it without fear. All of us must travel more by any means of transportation and more remote and virgin places that we must support and protect. It’s good for our souls..

For our English speaking friends this is the bank account you can transfer any amount of money if you would like to help and improve the services of the General Hospital of Kefalonia and Ithaca in Argostoli.

I would like to thank you in advance. We are going to collect money for one more month at this account and at the boxes all over Kefalonia.

Volunteering fire protection team of Kefalonia (Εθελοντική Ομάδα Δασοπροστασίας Κεφαλονιάς)
GR 82 0140 7710 7710 0210 1038 959
With the following comment: For the hospital

Please do not forget the comment to avoid any confusion..!!!

A big thank you to our sponsors:

Blue star ferries

Levante feries

Hotel tourist Argostoli

Mouikis hotel

Bazaar klaoudatos

Mouíkē store

Kefalonia villas

Rassiás George

Soulatso cafe

A & c tzouganátos

Ainos bikes kefalonia

Cosmetics shop “Plaisir”
Katerina Moschopoúlou

Christos Philippátos store

Ambrose ōporokēpeutá

Source – FB post of George Lilas

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