George Messaris: Before it’s too late…

The other day I went to throw the garbage in the trash and blood came to my head.

Both bins, located just below my house, were tidy. There was no fit for a pin!

One bucket full of plastic bottles and the other books, countless books!

Right next to the trash cans, the two plastic and paper recycling bins were almost empty!

Unfortunately, the incident I mentioned above is not isolated. Wherever you stand and wherever you are, you will see the sad results of the incredibly great lack of sensitivity and social responsibility!

They throw furniture, mattresses, rubble, garbage where they like writing the environment on their old shoes and indifferent to the future of their own children who in the end will pay the bride.

As for smokers (not all but a large percentage) throw away their cigarette butts and empty packs wherever they are. On the road, in the sea, on the sandy beaches, it is enough to get rid of them.

Unconscious drivers believe that the roads are theirs and throw out the window that they do not need them. I will not forget an incident I experienced last summer. Just as I was passing a car, the driver threw the empty plastic cup of coffee out of its window onto my car. I slowed down a bit and politely advised him to be careful. “You’s careful… who are you to observe me…” he said savagely, uttering a lot of “French”. I just pressed the accelerator so as not to eat wood!

However, I must admit that the competent authorities are making efforts to combat the problem, but unfortunately the messages about the need for recycling come in from one ear to many and leave the other without even touching their brains!

I firmly believe that while the coronavirus will be fought and in a couple of years it will be a sad memory, human irresponsibility will be difficult to eradicate.

Of course, apart from the irresponsible ones, we also have the idiots who know everything and are unteachable! And here the problem is twofold. First they do not know that they are idiots and second they consider themselves smart!

So, all this indifference and irresponsibility prevails when experts ring the alarm bell!

Our planet is groaning and many refuse to understand it.

“The world is heading for a catastrophic global warming in the 21st century, following record temperatures recorded in 2020,” the United Nations warned last week, calling for “peace with nature”.

“2020 was the most difficult year for the planet. “It was the warmest year ever, surpassing the 2016 record by less than a tenth of a degree,” a NASA spokesman said.

The Secretary General of the WMO (WORLD METEOROLOGY ORGANIZATION) Peteri Taalas stressed that “It is clear that climate change caused by humans is now as strong as the power of nature”!

Last year saw unprecedented disasters. Huge fires in Australia, the USA, the Amazon and even Siberia where huge areas were burned. At the same time, the ice in the Arctic is shrinking rapidly, a hurricane season has begun in the Atlantic and extreme weather events have occurred in every corner of the globe.

And what is extremely worrying is that scientists expect catastrophic intensities in the next decade if greenhouse gas emissions continue at the current rate, stressing that at the end of 2020 the average global temperature was 1.25 degrees Celsius above from the pre-industrial period “.

Industrial shocks can carry most of the responsibility for environmental stress. Governments seem to be moving in the right direction to tackle the problem, but we, as citizens, must also act responsibly and do what we can to deliver a hospitable planet to our children. And recycling is a practice we must respect.

George Messaris

IN THE PHOTO: Garbage dump next to the trash.

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One thought on “George Messaris: Before it’s too late…

  • January 27, 2021 at 6:18 pm

    Thank you, George, for pointing out some important problems. Kefalonia is so beautiful. We all have a responsibility to keep it beautiful.


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