Georgiadis: Retail likely to open in “zones” -dependent on epidemiological burden (this if it happens will be good news for kefalonia)

Adonis Georgiadis left open the possibility of opening retail in “zones”, depending on the epidemiological burden of each region .

Speaking to SKAI, Mr. Georgiadis noted that retail trade could be opened in areas of the country that have low epidemiological loads, stressing that this first requires the approval of the Commission.

“Retail trade could be opened in areas of the country with a low epidemiological burden, provided that the Commission approves it.. We meet every week and every week we will update our strategy based on the course of the epidemic. This could have happened now, but the two regions we were considering opening, Crete and the Peloponnese, were not complete and this raised transport concerns. I bring an example. In Crete, on the map they gave us, the prefectures of Lassithi, Rethymno and Chania could be opened, but not the prefecture of Heraklion. We thought that if we did we would risk, firstly, the health of the whole island – because they could go from Heraklion to another prefecture to shop and we could not control it and there would be a risk of spreading throughout Crete – and secondly “There would be a big upset among the traders”, said Adonis Georgiadis.

Georgiadis: Click away has started working
At the same time, the Minister of Development and Investment noted that click away has started to operate and stressed that business turnover
has increased greatly. “There are stores that have done 50% of their turnover compared to last year,” he said, adding that the measures must be followed, “as if we see that there is an increase in the transmissibility index and concern about the virus and scientists tell us that to suspend the implementation of the measure, we will suspend it “.

Asked to comment on the late deliveries of the courier companies, Mr. Georgiadis claimed that before the first quarantine began, the courier market was moving 80,000 packages a day and suddenly jumped to 150,000. “Companies and warehouses rented and hired staff. However, in the second quarantine, throughout the month of November, as e-commerce has grown tremendously, we had an average of 250,000 packages of e-orders per day, and therefore 100,000 more than on the highest day of the first quarantine. He added that entering December and moving towards the holidays, orders increased exponentially, reaching as high as 800,000 a day, and with an average of 500,000 packages a day, the system collapsed.

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