Gerasimos Cave and Church Lassi Kefalonia Guide and Pictures

Following on from yesterdays article on St Gerasimos at Omala today we publish our pictures of his church in Lassi, situated on the left side of the steep hill leading up to the road between Minies and Argostoli with lots of accommodation near the top.

St Gerasimos is the patron saint of the island and lived from 1506 until 1579. St Gerasimos is as synonymous with the island as St. George is to England. He was born into the wealthy and aristocratic Notaras family. He was later ordained at Mount Athos.
When Gerasimos arrived on Kefalonia he spent his first 5 years living in a cave beneath the small hermitage on the hills overlooking Lassi. There is now a church next to the cave dedicated to him and rejoices under the name of Odos Spiliou Agios Gerasimou (St Gerasimos’ )

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