Gerasimos Monastery Omala Plain Kefalonia Guide and Pictures

St Gerasimos is the patron saint of the island and lived from 1506 until 1579. St Gerasimos is as synonymous with the island as St. George is to England. He was born into the wealthy and aristocratic Notaras family. He was later ordained at Mount Athos.
When Gerasimos arrived on Kefalonia he spent his first 5 years living in a cave beneath the small hermitage on the hills overlooking Lassi. There is now a church next to the cave dedicated to him and rejoices under the name of Odos Spiliou Agios Gerasimou (St Gerasimos’ )
You may visit the church and the cave of which is situated toward the back right hand side. There is a small selection of relics in the cave, it is also quite dark but you are able to appreciate your surroundings. There is a surreal feeling to the cave when you digest the history attached to it.
In 1560, he moved to the Omala valley, where he rebuilt a chapel and founded a nunnery under the name of “New Jerusalem.
A large beautiful and impressive new monastery has been built where you can see amazing frescos painted on practically every interior wall. A visit is a must to experience it’s splendor. The monastery and it’s grounds are in the middle of the Omala Valley and can be seen for miles around. Next door you will find the Robola Wine Company.
St Gerasimos’s mummified body is kept in its Silver casket at the old church and it’s situated directly in front of the entrance. This church is built over the cave where St Gerasimos lived as a hermit and can be reached by climbing down a ladder into the cavern below , through a narrow tunnel into the very cell where Gerasimos spent his monastic life.

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