Gerionis Bad Weather: Stormy winds in the Ionian Sea – Ships stopped to Kefalonia

Due to the stormy winds blowing in the Ionian Sea due to the bad weather that is expected to hit the country , ships operating Poros – Kyllini and Sami – Patra are bound in the ports of Kefalonia. According to kefaloniapress, port authorities have been banned from 18.00 pm until a new order is lifted. At this time, the wind gusts reach up to 9 beaufort, which prohibits the sailing of ships. Zakynthos has a 17:00 itinerary from Kyllini, but it is expected that the line will be closed until Monday morning.

Instructions for the Civil Protection of Geryon in bad weather
Zakynthos Regional Civil Protection Agency reports that according to the Extraordinary Dangerous Weather Report issued today on Saturday, November 23, 2019, Zakynthos is expecting severe and severe weather for Zakynthos.

Specifically, from the early afternoon of Sunday, November 24, 2019 to the early morning of Monday, November 25, there will be stormy southern winds of 8-9 Beaufort that will likely reach 10 Beaufort on Sunday night. The events will be accompanied by heavy rains, thunderstorms and hailstorms. Therefore, it is recommended for all residents of Zakynthos, if and when they perceive severe weather events such as heavy rainfall and high winds to avoid unnecessary movement especially in areas that are at risk of landslides and local floods. Particular attention should be paid to residents living in areas affected by recent fires.

All competent authorities are requested to take all precautionary measures to prevent flooding, especially in residential and rural areas (wells, municipal and community ditches and trenches and waste materials). All citizens are also urged to take precautionary measures to prevent floods [clean up around their homes}, as well as to pay particular attention to accidents that may result from stormy winds. Residents, especially those in rural areas, should be particularly careful about the accumulation of heavy materials and objects that can cause problems in ditches, bridges and streams. Finally, small boats, professional and amateur fishing boats, pleasure boats, and nautical clubs.

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