Gerionis: The recorded statistics of the wild weather that hit the country! (211mm of rain & 111km/h winds)

The meteo meteo service of the National Observatory of Athens lists the … feuds of the fierce weather of Gerion.

According to the meteo, Gerionis struck Greece with 11,600 lightning strikes, 211 mm of rain – a new record – at Saint Theodore and winds that ran at 111 km / h in Amorgos.

Very high levels of rain in both the continental and island regions of the country, many thunderstorms and strong winds accompanied the organized barometric low, which – accompanied by frontal surfaces – moved from Italy to Greece, causing “catastrophic” and catastrophic “catastrophic”. on Sunday (24.11.2019) until the first hours of Wednesday (27.11.2019).

According to data from the Athens National Observatory / meteorological stations, the highest total amount of rain was recorded at Saint Theodore Corinth station and was 211 mm.

Thassos (186), Limnos (186), Amoni Korinthias (175), Agios Pavlos – Koutsoufliani (163), Simonopetra Mount Athos (161) and Embonas Rhodes (154mm) followed.

Thunderstorms with heavy lightning activity occurred mainly in central and southern countries. The “ZEUS” lightning detection system at the National Observatory of Athens during the three days of Sunday – Tuesday (24 – 26.11.2019) recorded a total of 11,605 lightning strikes, with 2,972 falling to the sea and 8,633 ashore.

Particularly strong winds were mainly blowing on Monday (25.11.2019), when bursts exceeding 100 km / h were recorded, with a record in Amorgos (111 km / h) and in Finokalia Lassithi (101 km / h).


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