Global phenomenon: Heatwave is coming with 40 degrees in Greece, the largest temperature difference on the planet!

Extremely high temperatures were recorded in the Eastern Mediterranean during the second ten days of May 2020, according to the meteo in its weather forecast. And our country is expected to be hit by heat on the weekend.

In the video meteo predicts the movement of gaseous masses at an altitude of about 1,500 meters by Monday, May 18.

The warm colors are painted red and the cold air masses are painted blue. As it seems, the warm gas masses will remain in our country until Monday, May 18, when they will start moving east.

At the same time, the meteo publishes a map that shows that in our country the deviation from the average temperature will exceed 10 degrees Celsius and will be the largest recorded in the world in the coming days. Temperatures expected in the country on the weekend of May 16 and 17 are expected to reach 40 degrees Celsius in places, while a gradual drop is expected from Monday and especially on Tuesday.

At 40 degrees C the weather at the weekend
EMY emphasizes that the weather will remain clear on Saturday and Sunday, with the mercury “climbing” at higher prices. Specifically, he states that the temperature will reach 35 to 37 and in places in the central and southern continents 38 to 39 degrees Celsius.

The temperature map for Saturday weather:

Temperature map for Sunday weather:

According to EMY, the weather will “soften” from Monday, as the temperature will drop slightly in the north.

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