GlobalData “sees” limited benefits for Kefalonia & other destinations, from the relaxation of the rules that allow fully vaccinated travelers from England to avoid quarantine when returning from the “orange” list countries .

The claim of the leading data and analysis company in the UK, came as a new research revealed that half are afraid of being infected with Covid-19, during their holidays abroad.

The report’s findings show that more than half of consumers will also be discouraged from booking to international destinations due to quarantine requirements and travel restrictions.

Nearly a third have financial concerns about booking abroad, while a quarter will postpone their holidays due to a lack of options such as limited flight availability.

Rheanna Norris, deputy analyst at GlobalData , argues for the recent change in travel restrictions announced yesterday by UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps: “Bookings are expected to increase in popular, ‘orange’ list ‘European destinations after recent news. However, last-minute changes to the rules may discourage international holidays for UK travelers this year.

According to a GlobalData poll of 1,364 participants, conducted between November 17, 2020 and May 18, 2021, the top travel deterrent remains quarantine, followed by travel restrictions. “As they are removed for fully vaccinated travelers, one can expect that popular, European destinations will benefit and save part of their high, summer season,” says Norris.

Of course, according to her, many travelers with families in the UK will have already advanced their plans for a summer vacation in the UK. “Costs, hassles and ever-changing rules may have pushed British travelers to postpone their trips abroad and in the near future. This is evidenced by a GlobalData poll, conducted since November 17, 2020, on a sample of 1,431 people, according to the findings of which, 43% of respondents said that they are thinking of traveling within the country in the next 12 months, while 29% said they were not at all willing to travel. The additional uncertainty about the possibility of including the “orange” list countries in the “red” list,

“This means that the benefits to travel-dependent destinations from the UK remain uncertain. “Demand from travelers who are willing to book last-minute getaways will slightly offset the losses that European destinations have seen in recent months.”

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