Good Bathrooms to Everyone ? (Sea Temperature) Today in Greece

One of our unique services is providing a bridge between Greek news and English language and it’s not unusual where there is an issue or two in translation (some of which we miss!) but were leaving this one deliberately as it is.

As the National Meteorological Service (NMS) says “the sea is warm”, so “good bathrooms” to everyone!

At normal temperatures for the season, the weather is coming back  , according to the ( NMS ) on Twitter today.

In the post, the NMS also lists the temperature values ​​of the Greek seas, which range from 25 to 26 degrees and locally in the Dodecanese up to 27 degrees Celsius.

On a serious note as we often see this question asked on Social Media here are the actual sea temperatures in Greece at the moment.

Source – Twitter post of NMS

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